I wanted to stay, says Crawley councillor

A councillor has insisted he was dropped by his party, despite his leader’s claim that he wasn’t.

Lenny Walker, who has served as Conservative councillor for Maidenbower for 11 years, will not be standing for re-election in May.

Last week, Conservative leader Cllr Duncan Crow denied Cllr Walker had been deselected – but Cllr Walker insisted that was not the case. He said: “I was deselected. The people of Maidenbower can rest assured I did not abandon them. I wanted to stay but I wasn’t allowed to.”

Cllr Walker said he was given no reasons for his axing, just that he was going to be challenged. Kim Louise Jaggard will be standing for the Tories in his place.Cllr Walker claimed he had known for a while his time was almost up because “some one put a letter through my door some weeks ago telling me it was going to happen.”

As for the future, he said he had no plans to leave the Tories and wanted to focus on “helping Henry Smith to continue as our MP”.