Identity of Sussex ‘mystery knitter’ revealed

A ‘mystery knitter’ who has been leaving small crafted creatures around a Sussex village for weeks has finally been outed.

Thursday, 8th April 2021, 3:01 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th April 2021, 3:01 pm

A buzz spread around Broadbridge Heath when people started to find little knitted and crocheted creatures in all sorts of places - outside shops, in trees and hedges, on railings and benches - along with little notes reading: ‘Please take me home if I make you smile. Random acts of kindness.’

But now experienced craftswoman Suzi Ludlow has admitted: It was me.

And her confession has delighted local residents who have flocked to social media to thank her for bringing some unexpected joy with her exploits.

One of the creatures left in a tree for someone to find
One of the creatures left in a tree for someone to find

Suzi was identified as the mystery knitter after one of her creations - a crocheted item adorned with bees and little creatures - was fitted to the top of a postbox in Billingshurst Road.

Altogether 67-year-old Suzi made 44 ‘drops’ around the village. It started with knitted dogs and coasters and went on to include, fish, an octopus, a sea horse, smiley flowers, owls, a shark, a rocket and rabbits,

Suzi, who has lived in Broadbridge Heath for 15 years, said she had been ‘quite amazed’ by residents’ reactions.

But, she said, “The whole idea was to cheer people up.”

'Mystery knitter' Suzi Ludlow

And it worked. Villagers have been posting social media messages declaring Suzi’s handiwork as ‘a lovely thing to do’ and ‘amazingly wonderful,’ along with ‘bringing lots of smiles and happiness.’

People also posted how Suzi had restored their faith in human kindness and thanked her for providing ‘fun for the community’, labelling her ‘a star’ for her efforts.

Suzi hit on the idea after looking for ways to fill her time when she was made redundant from her job with the RSPCA in October.

Now she’s having a well-earned break while her blistered fingers heal from all her work.

Some of the creatures crafted by Suzi Ludlow

But she’s not planning to give up. “I am hoping to continue this practice when I have had a break from all the knitting/crocheting.

“I also need to replenish my yarn stock and buy some more post-it notes and bags.”