Kitten dies after being savaged by dog

Sarah James who lives in Woodfield Road, Northgate. (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-150427-124358008
Sarah James who lives in Woodfield Road, Northgate. (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-150427-124358008

A woman called on pet owners to be vigilant when her mother’s cat died after being savaged by a dog.

Sarah James, of Northgate, said her 64-year-old mother was devastated after the death of Beni, a one-year-old ginger and white tom.

She offered her thanks to a young girl who rescued the cat from the dog and took him to David Clare vets, in Gossops Green, with her mother.

Sarah, 38, said the girl saw two boys walking with a dog in the area of Wisborough Court and Curteys Walk, Bewbush.

When the dog attacked Beni, the girl “shouted at the boys until they left”.

Sarah added: “The girl picked up Beni and carried him home so she could alert her mother and together they brought Beni into the vet’s care.

“The girl told the vet how she spoke to Beni on the way home, assuring him that he was not alone. Everyone at the vet’s were touched by a young girl’s bravery and courage and the love that she showed to Beni.

“Unfortunately Beni did not make it because the dog mauled him and he couldn’t pull through due to the seriousness of the injuries sustained. Mum was devastated. When the vet rang up, she couldn’t even speak and hung up.”

Now Sarah has called on pet owners in the area to keep an eye on their animals.

She said: “I’d say they should keep their cats inside but then cats are not supposed to be kept indoors. Just be aware and alert around that area that there’s some one around with a dog that’s dangerous.”

Sarah said she did not blame the dog for its actions but did blame the boys who should have kept it under control.

She offered heartfelt thanks to the girl who tried to save Beni and added: “Despite this tragic event it is so lovely to know that there was someone in that area at the time who showed such care, love and attention to Beni.

“On behalf of my mum and I, we would like to pass on our thanks to the girl and her mum for taking Beni to the vets and trying to save him.”

Sussex Police is appealing for witnesses to the attack on Beni. A spokesman said: “A passer-by witnessed a young boy, aged around 10, with what she thinks was a tan-coloured whippet/greyhound type, in Curteys Walk about 4.15pm on Monday April 13.

“The boy emerged from bushes and soon after the dog chased a cat out of the bushes and attacked it.”

Anyone with information is asked to email or call 101 quoting serial 1099 of 13/04.