Labour hits out at ‘rip-off railways’ following fares hike


With thousands of Crawley commuters forking out more each year on rail fares, Labour has accused the Prime Minister of failing to stand up for working people.

The average fare price rose by 2.2 per cent in the new year, meaning a season ticket from Crawley to London Victoria now costs £4,800.

Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Chris Oxlade backed his party’s call for strict caps on fares.

He said: “David Cameron is presiding over a rip-off railway in Britain. He has failed to stand up for working people in Crawley struggling with the cost-of-living crisis and has let the train companies hit Crawley people with massive fare rises of 20 per cent% since 2010.

“Some season tickets for passengers living in Crawley have now risen by 24 per cent under this Government, making people pay hundreds of pounds more to commute to work on increasingly overcrowded trains.”

Henry Smith MP pointed out £26m had been spent on upgrading Three Bridges Station but added: “However, as a commuter myself, I am well aware that while such improvements are necessary, it is not what you think about when wanting to get home after a long day. And I regularly raise passengers’ issues with the rail operators.”