Ladies Only self defence class starts in Crawley following the Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa cases

A new Ladies Only self defence class has been started in Crawley thanks to a non-profit group.

Sunday, 10th October 2021, 6:55 pm

Crawley Women United were approached by women following the Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa cases.

The group was initially formed in October 2019, and they have been helping victims of Domestic Violence, helping with benefits and making calls on their behalf due to lack of English for years.

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Yasmin Khan from Crawley Women United

And they hope they can reassure women that they can walk safely anytime during the day or night in Crawley.

Yasmin Khan, from Crawley Women United, said: "We have been approached by ladies that they are scared to go out alone early mornings and in the evenings, therefore we have arranged a ladies only self defence class.

"Our aim is to encourage women from BAME communities in particular that are isolated and to provide them a safe place to exercise and learn self defence techniques so they are able to defend themselves. All ladies are welcome."

The non-profit group aims to support and provide opportunities to marginalised women within the BAME community, establish a solid foundation to provide services that build skills and confidence, improve health and wellbeing and make a long term difference to these women allowing them to live more fulfilling lives.

The Ladies Only self defence class organised by Crawley Women United

They also look to support and assist in working towards inclusion into society, overcoming barriers to obtain secure or more economic employment, provide opportunities to participate in the local community and build social networks and provide aid to domestic violence victims from the BAME community.

Mrs Khan, who has been supporting the community for over 20 years, said: "We started the exercise classes for ladies in September 2021, in the Lockdown we were approached by ladies that they are scared to go out as ladies were being stalked and domestic violence was on the increase. Now since the killing in London of the Teacher, ladies are scared to go out early morning, and in the evening.

"We've been contacted by some non BAME ladies, they will be joining too, the classes are open to all ladies."

Crawley Women United have a female instructor who runs the class. They promote it on Facebook, Whatsapp, and emails. Classesare run at the SKF Dojo-15 Pelham Place, Broadfield, RH11 9SH.

They have more than 40 members in their group.

Mrs Khan added: "I am a charity worker too, been sending aid to Syria, Yemen and Greece, started a new charity last year Humanity Aid to help victims in UK and Pakistan.

"We have built schools in Pakistan to give free education to kids from poor families, provide food packs, provided warm bedding, clothes and heaters last winter."

Mrs Khan also recently helped with the Afghan Refugees too after her charity was contacted by West Sussex County Council for help.