Martin Pyke: Was on a break from Crawley college in the Jubilee Oak in about ‘97 when Liam Gallagher and bonehead walked in, bought 3 of us a pint and signed a B&H cigarette packet.

Liam Galllagher, Vinnie Jones, Jeremy Kyle and Louise Redknapp - Crawley Observer readers talk about their celebrity encounters

Everyone has a claim to fame - or a story about when they met a celebrity.

Friday, 7th May 2021, 9:28 am

We wanted to know the stories our readers have so we asked on our Facebook page: "Some claims to fame are more exciting than others but we want to know what's your most mundane celebrity encounter?"

We had hundreds of responses and he are some of the best.

Honorable mentions got to:

Lisa Dawn Nash who bumped into celebrity Doctor Christian Jessen whilst working in Worthing where he was filming.

Elaine Johnson posted: "Prince Charles stopped at a crossing driving a jeep to let me cross ,when he was at Cambridge."

Nour Sleiman said: "Would always see Terry Venables in Waitrose next to my workplace. Ironically always after a poor England performance and once told him that wouldn’t have happened if he was still manager."

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