Mid Sussex MP tells prime minister: Sort out the NHS, housing and education

MP Sir Nicholas Soames. Picture: Steve Robards
MP Sir Nicholas Soames. Picture: Steve Robards

A hard-hitting call for prime minister Theresa May to sort out the NHS, housing and education has gone out from Mid Sussex MP Sir Nicholas Soames.

Sir Nicholas teamed up with fellow Tory MPs Nick Boles and Robert Halfon in a three-pronged attack on the prime minister.

They warned her that she is ‘putting the future of the country on the line because of her lack of vision.’

The MPs spoke out in an article in today’s Sun newspaper and called for more help to be given to people over matters that were of concern to them, especially funding of the NHS, lack of affordable housing and improvements to education.

They said: “With the NHS going through the worst winter in ages and a shortage of beds in care homes, the time has come for all the political parties to agree a long-term plan to fund the NHS and social care.

“The National Insurance we all pay should become National Health Insurance, and be paid into a separate pot that can only be spent on the NHS and social care.”

They also called for less ‘snobbery’ over education and the development of more apprenticeships and technical courses for youngsters.

And they demanded more homesm stating: “We need the Government to borrow up to £50billion to fund a massive programme of housebuilding. That should bring us 50,000 to 100,000 genuinely affordable homes every year. Homes to rent but with a right to buy. Homes young people can afford to start a family in.”