Mid Sussex person rings 999 to let police know they ‘dreamt about dead bodies’

Mid Sussex Police are urging people to only ring 999 in an emergency after someone rang them up to tell them about their dreams.

Saturday, 7th August 2021, 10:55 am

Inspector Darren Taylor said on August 5 police were contacted by a Mid Sussex resident to tell them they had been dreaming about dead bodies.

The person rang 999 – the number reserved for emergency incidents.

Inspector Taylor said: “As you know I will mention when folk ring 999 incorrectly.

“Well last night was no different as a Mid Sussex resident called us on 999 and then hung up...

“When we managed to get hold of them, they told us they just wanted to let us know they had been dreaming about dead bodies!”

But Inspector Taylor warned people only to ring 999 in an emergency.

He said: “When ringing the police, please be mindful as you are potentially blocking someone else trying to get through who may have an urgent and genuine emergency to report to us.”