MP raises train fare hike concerns with government

CRAWLEY MP Henry Smith has raised concerns over train fare rises with the Government.

Proposed hikes would see season tickets go up by as much as 11 per cent.

Prices are usually determined by adding three per cent to the retail price index (RPI) which is an indicator of the rate of inflation.

But as long as rises are balanced out by other fares operators can increase season tickets further.

Mr Smith said: “As a commuter myself I am concerned about the proposed rise in rail fares and have raised the issue with the Government.

“It should also be recognised though that Crawley is significantly benefiting from rail investment with £26 million being spent to upgrade Three Bridges Station and £53 million at Gatwick Station.

“Additionally the brand new Thameslink trains offer more seating and service. Finally the new signal box for the south east and the Thamelink maintenance yard are all currently being constructed at Three Bridges providing increased employment locally.

Cllr Peter Lamb, Crawley Labour groupleader, said: “These fare increases are the result of the Tory-led government siding with rail companies rather than ordinary working people.

“Rail companies across Europe are managing to provide a modern service without needing to exploit their customers in this way.”