Mum grieving for her baby daughter reaches out to help others

Lisa Lock, with daughter Olivia, son Ethan and baby Arianna SUS-180211-150152001
Lisa Lock, with daughter Olivia, son Ethan and baby Arianna SUS-180211-150152001

A grieving mum whose baby daughter died after a five week battle for life is now hoping she can help other families.

Lisa Lock, 26, had a trouble-free pregnancy until a routine 32-week scan revealed the devastating news that her little baby was unlikely to survive.

Doctors discovered that baby Arianna Rose was suffering from a condition known as hydrops fetalis in which the baby accumulates excessive fluid while still in the womb. Some do not survive birth.

Little Arianna proved herself a fighter, and although always on a ventilator, lived for five weeks.

Now heartbroken mum Lisa, who lives in Pulborough, wants to raise awareness of the condition and offer her support to any family going through a similar harrowing time.

Meanwhile, with the help of her sisters and brother, Lisa is trying to comfort her two eldest children, Olivia, six, and Ethan, four. “Olivia is struggling emotionally,” said Lisa.

Her sister Dawn Ives added: “Olivia is a very sensitive child who is heartbroken at the loss of her sister, never have I seen a child grieve so rawly. This loss for her is beyond what any of us could have imagined.”

By raising awareness of hydrops fetalis Lisa hopes people will understand that the cause of the condition is a medical one and no parent should feel blame as it is completely out of the mother’s control.

Dawn added that Lisa was ‘an outstanding mum’ who has her own health difficulties ‘that she manages well for the sake of her children.’

A funeral service for little Arianna Rose was held at Worthing Crematorium on Friday and was followed by a special commemorative tea to celebrate her life and to try and leave some lasting ‘happy’ memories for Arianna’s brother and sister.

A special fundraising campaign has been set up by Lisa’s family at