New ‘Banksy’ artwork appears in Crawley

New street art, thought to be a Banksy, has appeared on a wall in Crawley.

Monday, 9th August 2021, 9:27 am

The artwork, opposite the Downsman Pub car park in Collier Row, was spotted by Anna Warner, who believes she is the first to see it.

The Broadfield resident said: “As we drove by – I said that looks like a Banksy.

“My husband is from America – he doesn’t know what a Banksy is compared to his left foot.”

Anna Warner took this photo of what she believes is a 'Banksy'

Anna, 59, said she is familiar with street art having grown up in south London.

She believes that Banksy – who she said was a vegan – could have stopped at a nearby plant-based restaurant for a meal before deciding to paint the piece.

Anna, who is retired, said: “He used to sign his work you see. [But] he stopped signing them.

“It looks like a Banksy to me. I think it could be him because I think he‘s a vegan and there’s a vegan restaurant there.

“Maybe he stopped to have a vegan meal – and then decided to do an artwork.”

In November last year warehouse worker Ryan Latter spotted an image next to the slogan ‘live, laugh, love’ in the town.

At the time he said: “I have seen a lot of Banksy’s stuff before.

“I’m probably not an expert but I would say yes [it is his work].

“It has the same kind of style.”

Representatives for Banksy have been approached for comment.