On Facebook, we asked the question ‘If you could put one thing in to make Crawley better, what would it be?’

Last week, we asked the question on our Facebook page ‘If you could put one thing in to make Crawley better, what would it be?’ and our readers commented in their numbers.

Wednesday, 17th November 2021, 10:34 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th November 2021, 10:36 am
Crawley Observer asked the question ‘If you could put one thing in to make Crawley better, what would it be?’

With the recent news that Crawley is bidding for city status as a part of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, we wanted to get an insight into what our readers really think could make Crawley a better place?

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“Encourage alternative transport to cars. Creating more car parks is like having an extra rubbish bin in the house, they will both become full. Create more cycle lanes, e-scooter hire. Alternative energy busses.”- Chris Kennedy

Picture of the recently renovated town centre

“Roads, more bins on the streets, roads again, streets cleaning-especially the Southgate area at the train barrier!”- Felicia Bianca

“Decent shops in town, Not flats and coffee shops everywhere.”- Darren Russell

“Outlet shopping centre”- Bradley Flory

“Permanent ice rink”- Pamela Hodson

“More car parking space around domestic areas, so you can safely drive past other cars on the main road.”- Deividas Palacionis

“A&E and proper hospital”- Nicola Sawyer

“Trampoline park”- Kennard David James

“A drug free zone that is enforced”- Carlo Poceschi

“Youth clubs for teenagers and not close the play centres”- Sharon Fagence-Jones

“Smaller individual shops. The towns that have kept them have fared a lot better.”-Heather Filer

“More CCTV cameras”- Bharat Vaidya

“There is probably a lot more to be taken out than to put in…”- Armand Kai

“University, Ikea or Universal Studios at least one of them”- Safi Gulcan Teo Altintas

“Roads without roadworks and traffic lights everywhere”- Phill Guard

“Bring back Ikon Diva and all you can drink nights”- Daniel 'Mads' Maddox

“A bigger road on the way out” - Nathan Roberts

“Roads that don’t have potholes!” - Debs Putland

“Bring back Radio Mercury...it was the heart of the South. #sessionsradio” - Alan Robbins

“A new council housing estate with schools and shops and a doctors surgery so families can grow up in a nice environment instead of being crammed into flats.” - Barry Bolofski

“Don't close all grocery centres one after another in the town centre. 1st it was Morrisons and then it was Sainsbury's.” - Joy Jyoti

“I want Crawley to be safe where a female can walk without fear at anytime” - Disha Parekh

“More things for kids of all ages and better roads.” - Lisa Hoy

“Bring back the standards that the Commission for the New Towns had. Bring back the diverse companies on the industrial estate. Not all for the airport. Get rid of high fences in back gardens. That has led to loneliness, and lack of community spirit” - June Burke