On yer bike! Cyclists and drivers give each other marks out of 10

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A survey of cyclists has revealed many don’t believe they have a great relationship with motorists.

Figures collected in the South East, Including Crawley, show people using bicycles rated their relationship with drivers at only 5.4 out of 10 (zero being the lowest and 10, the highest).

Car leasing company Cars on Demand ran a survey of 2,000 drivers and cyclists in the UK.

The South East, Including Crawley, has among the worst driver/cyclist relationships in the UK, according to the survey.

A spokesman said: “When asked how they would rank their relationship with the each other out of 10 - ten being the most harmonious, and one being the least - the drivers seemed to think things were much rosier than the cyclists did.

“On average, British drivers ranked their relationship with cyclists as a fairly healthy 6.1/10. However, the cyclists weren’t quite so reciprocal, rating their relationship with drivers at a lowly 4.8.”

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The spokesman added: “Perhaps riding a vehicle with only two wheels and no metal body protecting you makes you feel more vulnerable, and therefore less inclined to view a relationship with car drivers positively.

“At 5.4/10, the South East of England, including Crawley, has among the poorest relationships between two and four wheel drivers. Drivers here rated their relationships higher (6.3) than how cyclists rated drivers (4.6).”

London came out with the worst overall drivers/cyclists relationships. Their combined average was just 4.5.

On the other end of the scale, East Midlanders appeared to have the most harmonious relationship on the roads with an average score of 6/10.