Orphaned fox cubs found trapped in garden

Orphaned fox cubs reunited with their lost brother SUS-171005-142217001
Orphaned fox cubs reunited with their lost brother SUS-171005-142217001

Two orphaned fox cubs have been reunited with their lost brother after being rescued by an animal charity.

Terrified cub Erica - who had a broken back leg - and her brother Leif were found trapped in a garden in Brighton.

The pair were taken to Arthur Lodge Vets in Horsham for treatment and later placed into the care of Tarnya Knight, who works for Horsham-based wildlife charity Born Free.

Tarnya said: “This poor little pair were absolutely terrified when they were brought in.” She looked after them overnight before taking them to The Fox Project animal charity in Tunbridgbe Wells.

When they arrived, it became clear that Erica and Leif had another brother - Buck - who had become separated from his siblings and brought in several days previously.

Buck was found in the same area as Erica and Leif after falling down a window well two days running, and becoming trapped.

Tarnya added: “These cubs have been very lucky and they will be returned to the wild once they are old enough to fend for themselves.

“At this time of year there are lots of baby animals about. If you find a young wild animal or bird that you believe is orphaned, and is not in immediate danger, please always contact a local wildlife rescue centre for advice before you intervene.”