Pennies turn into pounds for Crawley school charity

Small change collected by the members of Yorkshire Building Society has enable a Crawley autism charity to buy new sensory equipment.

The Special Support Centre Parents and Friends Association, based at Desmond Anderson School, has received £1,000 from Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation.

The foundation is funded through the Small Change Big Difference scheme where members donate the pennies from the interest on their accounts once a year to help good causes around the UK.

The SSC was nominated by East Grinstead branch customer representative Jonathon Rabone.

Half the fund will pay for sensory equipment for pupils in reception, year 1 and year 2 classes and the other £500 will help fund a residential trip for children in Years 3 to 6.

Adam Grimwood, chairman of the association, said: “The children gain a great deal from this type of equipment, as it allows them to use all their senses to understand the world they live in. Sensory work also helps the children stay calm, as children on the autistic spectrum experience high levels of anxiety.”

The residential trip will provide older children with a range of experiences and life skills.

He added: They will also take part in activities that are new, exciting and confidence building, such as abseiling, quad-biking and even discos. These are activities that neuro-typical children take in their stride, but all present great challenges to our very special children.”