Public to be consulted following horrific attack on swan

Swans at Tilgate Park
Swans at Tilgate Park

A public consultation is being launched following the death of a swan which was mauled by a dog in Tilgate Park on Saturday.

The horrific attack sparked widespread condemnation of pet owners who do not control their animals.

Now Crawley Councillor Chris Mullins says the public is to be consulted on proposals to introduce a dogs-on-leads policy.

“It is very sad that the swan did not survive the dog attack,” he said. “Tilgate Park is used for thousands of dog walks every year, the vast majority of which pass without incident.

“However, the council is deeply concerned that although the incidents are very low in number when compared to the numbers of dog walks taking place, the result when an incident does occur is very distressing for all involved.

“Consultation is underway to seek the views of Tilgate Park users on the possibility of introducing a dogs on leads policy around the lake areas. The Friends of Tilgate Park group has kindly agreed to assist the council by speaking to people in the park, to capture what park users think about asking dog owners to keep their dogs on leads in certain areas.

“Anyone wishing to share a view on the idea of introducing a “dogs on leads” can do so by emailing”