Residents kick up a stink at overflowing dog waste bins

Overflowing dog bin in Southwater SUS-160413-155308001
Overflowing dog bin in Southwater SUS-160413-155308001

Overflowing dog waste bins have got residents in Horsham hot under the collar.

Hackles are rising because the residents say that the waste bins are not being emptied frequently enough in various areas throughout the town, including Horsham Park.

A number have taken to social media to complain about the problem and are calling on Horsham District Council to install more bins and empty them more regularly.

One woman, complaining about Horsham Park, said: “I am a dog owner and take responsibility for picking up my dog’s waste but quite often the bins are overflowing, especially the one near the skate park.

“I also think there should be an additional bin over near the cafe area as there are not enough bins around the whole area of the park.” She said she feared they could be a health hazard.

Jamie Stanley, of Shelley Drive, Broadbridge Heath, says that a bin in an alleyway between Shelley Drive and the village centre recreation ground is frequently overflowing. “It’s honestly revolting,” he said, “and surely an environmental health issue.”

He said the bin had been overflowing at least five times in the past three months. Horsham District Council, he said, “amusingly, have recently put up signs in the alleyway where the bin is located saying ‘Clean it up - £1000 fine’.”

He added that the district council charged Horsham residents ‘extortionate amounts of council tax each year’ but that they ‘can’t even prevent the serious environmental health risk of dog waste bins overflowing for three days straight due to non-collection?’

Another man said that a bin on Cedar Drive between York Close and Edinburgh Close, Southwater, was also frequently overflowing.

“There are many young children around these estates, and this bin is right by a small play area, which makes it even more deplorable,” he said.

A Horsham District Council spokesperson said: “The council has recently installed four new dog waste bins in the area of the new Wickhurst Green estate in Broadbridge Heath and is reviewing the collections schedule with a view to increasing the bin emptying to twice weekly in response to increased useage.

“The dog waste bins in Horsham Park are already emptied on a twice weekly basis. The public are reminded that they are allowed to put dog waste in the general bins should the dog waste bins be full.

“Should residents or visitors have any issues with the dog waste bins we would urge them to contact us directly on 01403 733144 or email so that we can react as quickly as possible.”