Romesh Ranganathan jokes ‘Horsham’s a bit posher than Crawley – it has cobbled streets’

Horsham is posher than Crawley because it has cobbled streets.

Tuesday, 16th February 2021, 1:22 pm

This is the tongue in cheek view of Crawley comedian Romesh Ranganathan who has elaborated on his view of Horsham just weeks after slamming it in an explicit message.

In December Romesh was hosting an ‘Any Questions Answered’ session on Instagram when someone asked ‘Have you made enough money to move to Horsham yet?’

The Crawley resident hit back: “**** Horsham.”

Romesh Ranganathan, left, pictured with senior reporter Sam Dixon-French

But, prompted by an article in this newspaper, the world famous comic has elaborated on his thoughts on the town in his podcast Wolf and Owl with Tom Davis.

He said: “Something happened to me Tom that I would love to get your take on.

“I said **** Horsham – that made the Crawley Observer.”

Fellow comedian Tom then asked if there was ‘a big beef’ between Horsham and Crawley.

Romesh said: “It’s just the next town. Horsham is perfectly fine. Horsham isa bit posher than Crawley. They have got like cobbled streets and stuff – got a Wagamama’s.”

But Crawley now has a Wagamama’s too, he added.