Should Ikea replace Morrisons in Crawley Town centre? Our readers have their say

Ahead of Crawley’s bid for city status, we wondered what would people like to see replace the building where Morrisons used to be.

Monday, 22nd November 2021, 12:23 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd November 2021, 12:24 pm
What should replace Morrisons in Crawley Town centre?

We asked our readers on Facebook and were overwhelmed with the response we received.

A lot of people saw the potential in the two storey building with a carpark. There were some great suggestions which included an ice rink (Samantha Chapman), indoor market (Angela Abbott), Costco (Chris Bower) and Waitrose (Dorcas Arguelles) just to name a few.

However, there were two overwhelming responses from our Facebook post. These were for the building to be converted into either an:

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Home Bargains (Amanda Scott, Nisa Busby, Victoria Ackroyd, Claire Sands, Charity Smith, Leonie Kilborn, Kate Smith, Jennifer Davey, Marina Sadler, Giedre Ruth Jokubaityte, Michelle Souter, Joanne Moule, Jan Large)

Ikea (Nisa Busby, Jules Robinson, Leonie Kilborn, Katy Beck, Barbara Massimo, Jan Large)

Some other great ideas were:

Tony Airey: “Live Music Entertainment venue just like the old starlight ballroom, i was too young back in the day where they had many famous stars like Tina Turner & Jimmy Hendrix & many others.Restaurants & nightclubs all in one. Maybe call it Starlight2?”

Emma Redknap: “Definitely would be great to have an indoor Market with loads of local businesses able to book spaces.”

Jamie Lavery: “New town centre GP surgery, treatment centre and pharmacy to help ease the pressure around the town.”

Erfan Ullah: “It should be a second mall, with lots of shops.”

Jo Harrison: “Homeless shelter, health centre or Art Centre.”

Lucy Goose Jackson: “Garden centre!!!!”

Linda Archer: “Skate park or velodrome.”

Calota Dumitru: “Farmers market!”

Cliff Tops: “A Zoo.”

What do you think of either Ikea or Home Bargains replacing Morrisons? Send us your opinion to [email protected]