Southwater woman left shocked after pet cat is ‘shaved’

A Southwater animal lover has been left shocked after discovering her pet cat had been ‘shaved.’

Monday, 15th November 2021, 1:10 pm

Beccy Scrase says pet puss Rainbow went out yesterday morning (Sunday November 14) and was ‘absolutely fine.’

“He came home three or four hours later and was really frightened,” said Beccy.

“I went to make sure he was OK and I just saw missing fur half way along his side. He’s a healthy cat and he went out fine but now when my daughter picks him up he just cries.”

Rainbow has had his fur mysteriously shaven

Beccy is baffled as to what happened. “It just looks like he’s been shaven. I was shocked. I thought blimey, what’s happened there?”

Now Beccy is concerned about letting her three other cats - Sky, Henry and Shadow - leave the house.

She says that 12-year-old Rainbow later seemed none the worse for his ordeal.

“He’s fine but he’s staying in a lot more now and when he does go out he just stays in the garden.”

A large patch of fur has been shaved

Meanwhile, she posted a message on social media asking if any other cats had faced similar treatment.

Many queried: “How could this happen to a cat?”

Some branded whoever had shaved Rainbow as ‘sick and cruel.’

Another cat owner said that his pet had also returned home with a patch of fur missing from his face.