Staff at animal centre near Crawley hope to create some 'burning love' for cats Elvis and Presley

Staff at an RSPCA animal centre are hoping the public ‘can’t help falling in love’ with cats Elvis and Presley after giving them a new look.

Thursday, 18th July 2019, 6:03 pm
Elvis shows off his quiff
Elvis shows off his quiff

In a bid to generate some interest for the brothers, the cats have been given iconic Elvis-style hair quiffs. The black quiffs have been stuck to the glass door of their home in South Godstone in keeping with their namesakes.Animal care assistant, Emma Dempsey, said: “We’ve decorated their pod in hopes of generating more interest and catching the public’s attention. The addition of two iconic hair quiffs stuck to the glass door has gained a few laughs already.“A lot of our older cats can prove to be harder to rehome especially around this time of year when our centre is full of kittens also looking for homes. “Elvis and Presley have beautiful black glossy coats and look like mini panthers. Many people are turned off by black cats however, often choosing other more ‘exciting’ colours over them.”The duo have been patiently waiting for a home since April but have had very little interest. They are deeply bonded and are often seen cuddling up and grooming one another. They are looking for a home together and could live with children over the age of five but would prefer not to live with a dog. They love to roll around in catnip but will also curl up next to you and purr to their heart’s content when given a gentle fuss. If you can love them tender, call the centre on 0300 123 0741

Presley with his quiff