Sussex cyclist is one step closer to dream

Tom Easley, 18, cycling on his BMC SLR01 sponsored by Evans Cycles.
Tom Easley, 18, cycling on his BMC SLR01 sponsored by Evans Cycles.

An inspirational cyclist, from Sussex, is working towards a professional cycling career while securing good A Level results.

Tom Easley, 18, of Haywards Heath, achieved his desired grades this summer while also balancing a busy life on the saddle.

Tom Easley, 18

Tom Easley, 18

With an A* in PE, B in Geography and a C in Biology Tom has now hit the ground running working towards his dream.

He is set to embark on his second year of junior road racing with a desire to cycle professionally.

Mr Easley says cycling offers him a freedom allowing him a chance to explore.

He said: “People often ask how I got into cycling, and I always say the main reason was simply falling in love with the freedom my battered old mountain bike gave me to explore.

“It was a bit too much for me (Committing to A Levels and cycling) but I just had to cut back on the cycling.

“I couldn’t give it up altogether I just wasn’t following a strict training plan.”

An average weekly training plan would consist of up to 20 hours of cycling, ranging from uphill, downhill and a variety of terrains.

With a willingness to give various cycling disciplines a go Tom had found himself participating in Cyclo-cross.

This is bike racing on a mixture of tarmac, trails, grass and areas with steep hills and obstacles.

Through achievements of local competition the young cyclist is working his way up the ladder now participating in regional and national tournaments.

An active member of the Crawley Wheelers Tom says he is fortunate to have the support of the team around him.

He says: “I am extremely lucky to have the support that the Crawley Wheelers have given me so far along with the help of partners Evans Cycles who have been generous in supporting my career with a BMC SLR01 to race on.

“It really is a great advantage to have a world class machine helping me to get the most out of my performance.”

Tom is now actively working towards competitions and is back on a strict training plan.

He says: “You have just got to put your head down and get the work done.

“Your A Levels are only for a few months and it is much better to get the work done than to resit.

“My motivation is to just get the exams out of the way to focus on cycling.”