Sussex man tells of time he was 'abducted by aliens'

One of Colin's paintings depicting a crew member of the spacecraft
One of Colin's paintings depicting a crew member of the spacecraft

Early in the morning in February 1996 Colin Desborough witnessed an 'extraordinary phenomena' when he claims he was abducted by aliens near Chichester College.

Making his way home from work as a factory labourer at 6am, Colin cycled by Chichester College when he saw red lights flashing in the college fields. It had been an inset day at the college so he is sure no one was in the building or in the grounds.

"I saw four red lights. I thought it might be two vans with their brake lights on then I thought, it can't be a van the shape's too funny. There was nobody there at all, no students, nobody.

"Then I thought 'it can't be, is that a UFO?' I thought perhaps it was some sort of marquee tent they're putting up. I thought I'd try and get close to it, so I proceeded and then a funny thing [happened] — my mind went blank.

"I made it to the tennis courts in the college grounds and then all of a sudden I stopped. I gazed and there was nothing there so I looked all round me. But there definitely was something there."

He then said an ominous black shape slowly began making its way towards him.

"I was cycling but I couldn't seem to get anywhere. I was caught in some sort of energy field. It's very odd. I didn't know if the ship was coming down or I was going up. I had no sense of feeling. I was tempted to touch it but then again I don't know what I would be touching.

"I got a feeling, 'I'm going to meet these aliens. Are they human? Are they different? Will I go insane? It was so eerie I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand and I could feel the presence of two beings behind me.

"I nearly panicked first because I thought I was going to suffocate. The air around me got so static I couldn't breath. The only sound I heard seemed to be in my brain. Even the craft itself was deadly silent.

"I heard a sound like a silk ballroom gown whoosh across a dance floor. I came to and I was in complete darkness. At least I was still on my bicycle.

"I said to myself 'I hope they don't dump me miles in the country somewhere, that's all I need'. I had moved me slightly. I watched it as it moved off to the main college building."

Colin had read a feature about other recent sightings in the area in the Chichester Observer and decided to contact the story's main interviewee, a former Ministry of Defence scientist Edward Richards.

Edward had spent a number of years plotting UFO sightings across the area and advised Colin to speak to the local newspaper. In fear of being ridiculed, he kept his experience to himself for 23 years.

With fewer family members and friends still around to mock him, Colin has now decided to share his story.

A few days after the 'abduction' Colin says he finally came face-to-face with the aliens who communicated with him telepathically at his home and told him about the 'degeneration of the human race'.

Other people have reported UFO sightings across the county over the years.

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