These loved up dogs just got married at a Sussex church

Marmalade and Mr Slovobic tie the knot
Marmalade and Mr Slovobic tie the knot

A pair of St Bernards have got married at a Sussex church.

Mr Slovobic, one, and Marmalade, two, tied the knot at a romantic ceremony at All Saints Chapel, in Darley Road, Eastbourne, on Monday (August 5).

The happy couple

The happy couple

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In scenes reminiscent of Pongo wedding Perdy in Disney’s 101 Dalmations, Mr Slovobic wore a bright red tuxedo while Marmalade sported a veil on the big day.

The happy event was documented by owner Sjaan Markwick, on her Facebook blog The Saints of Sussex.

The ballet teacher said, “I know some people will find it ridiculous but if it makes a couple of people smile it’s worth it.

Sjaan with Marmalade on Eastbourne seafront

Sjaan with Marmalade on Eastbourne seafront

“The page started because my son shows them in dog shows, it was just showing what goes on and his results.

“Then we just started putting funny posts on there and it evolved from that.”

She said, “There’s so many negative things online now, we thought, you know what, let’s try and put some funny things out there.”

After living together for nine months, Sjaan said Mr Slovobic plucked up the courage to pop the question, and Marmalade said yes.

Marmalade and Mr Slovobic in Eastbourne

Marmalade and Mr Slovobic in Eastbourne

Now they are heading on a ‘honeymoon’ to London and Sjaan hopes they can recreate some iconic moments – like the Beatles’ Abbey Road zebra crossing photo.

Dog therapy session at Eastbourne’s Embrace

But what do the dogs think of all these photo shoots? “They are both show dogs so are used to being still and getting lots of attention,” said Sjaan.

Marmalade in particular has qualified for Crufts for the rest of her life, and they both have an enormous collection of rosettes from various competitions.

Mr Slovobic, who is originally from Russia, is taking part in a contest in Bournemouth this Saturday (August 10).

“I think Marmalade’s got so used to it now she’s happy to stand there with some ridiculous things on,” Sjaan said, “They are such a wonderful breed, they are so placid and loving.

“Marmalade is a real diva, and knows it. She owns the house. Mr Slovobic is just docile and loving. I think she tolerates him so it’s a good marriage.”

And the sound of little paws could even be on the horizon soon.

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