Three Bridges Station renovation mural gets underway this morning

The mural which started on August 19, is nearly complete
The mural which started on August 19, is nearly complete

The renovation of Three Bridges Station started this morning, (August 19) and it was thought that this key route into Crawley needed brightening up.

It was decided by the councillors for Three Bridges that the best way of doing so was an art project.

The spearhead for the project was Councillor Brenda Burgess in close collaboration with the schools and Network Rail who provided the funding and artist, Lionel Stanhope.

She said: “With the renovation of the local station due, I felt the bridge could do with livening up somehow. It screamed community art project to me. When Network Rail heard of the idea they were only too pleased to give permission.

“I really must say a huge thank you to Mr Eddie Burton of Network Rail who secured funding and organised the artist who is both proficient and experienced in such work.”

The railway company’s representatives placed the council in touch with an experienced London–based artist who would transfer the children’s artwork onto the central column of the bridge.

The children were chosen from four different primary schools and each school selected five pieces to be put forward to be sent to the artist.

Once forwarded to the artist, one from each five was chosen.

The artist adopted the children’s style whilst incorporating elements from each picture into the final mural which will appear on the central span of the bridge.

Cllr Burgess explained how the councillors and herself are planning for future fundraising to create another piece of art on the other side of the bridge.

The councillors have also planned for the art work from Oriel to appear in the subway at the station which will complement the Bridge Mural.