'Total madness - it needs to allow more visits' - Readers react to change of Crawley tip's visit restrictions

Crawley Observer readers have reacted to the news the one visit per week restriction to change at Crawley tip.

Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 9:56 am
Updated Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 9:58 am

The restriction allowing households to visit Crawley’s rubbish tip only once a week is set to change to five bookings within any calendar month. Read the story hereWest Sussex County Council introduced a booking system trial at six of its Household Waste Recycling Sites earlier this year to manage demand.

These sites were Bognor Regis, Crawley, Horsham, Littlehampton, Shoreham-by-Sea, and Worthing.

Queuing at peak times had caused problems for residents and businesses and led to congestion on several major roads.

Crawley Household waste and recycling site, Metcalf Way

But after reading the story on our Facebook page, residents still don't think it is enough of a change to make a difference.

Ian Pearce: "They should think about sorting the congestion out really, County Oaks Road structure can't cope with the volumes of people using the tip, maybe a tip only access and exit road needs to be considered, it gets pretty busy and has an effect on the businesses round there...."

Donna Membry: "You should be able to visit the same day if the system is so good it should show all availability! This would reduce fly tipping."

Clive Hilton said: "I think 1/week -> 5/month is stretching ‘easing’ but is more flexible to do couple trips at once."

Derek Pirrie posted: "Not used Crawley since they started it. Had car full of stuff tried to make a booking and was offered a slot for following afternoon so went to Burgess Hill and been going there ever since. Longest wait was 15 minutes."

Dave Taylor said: "It's not actually being eased is it, it just means you can use all your trips in one week, rather than one a week. So a 5 week month and you get the same visits.

Linda Duffin said: "I had an appointment at the dump the other day I was the only person using it yet people were being turned away doesn't make sense especially when the booking system shows no availability. I feel sorry for the workers as bound to end in job losses."

Jon Mansell posted: "I went there the other day had a time slot for 10am got there at 9.45 the guy said I will see if you can go in as you are early , he said they will let you in when I got up the top I was the only one there."

Angela Heath said: "Total madness - it needs to allow more visits, people are just using other sites with no booking system or fly tipping."