Town centre cyclists branded a ‘danger’

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Cyclists in a town centre have got shoppers up in arms after ‘illegally’ peddaling past pedestrians.

The cyclists - who are riding their bikes in the pedestrian-only area of West Street, Horsham - have now been branded ‘dangerous.’

‘No cycling’ signs are in place at both ends of West Street but shoppers say they are not clearly visible and that some cyclists - who have not taken a driving test - might not even understand them.

One man, who does not want to be named, said it was common to see people having to dodge out of the way as cyclists rode past them.

“Every day I go into town there’s some cyclist hurtling towards someone. It’s downright dangerous.”

Cyclists face being fined if caught riding their bikes in the road. Last year police launched a campaign to raise awareness of the bike ban.

A spokeswoman for West Sussex County Council said this week: “Additional signs were installed in West Street (at the junction with South Street) last year by Horsham District Council. As far as West Sussex County Council is concerned, we have no current proposals for changes to the signs.”

Horsham District Council says it is a matter for the police to enforce moving traffic offences.