Tributes paid to teenage son of disabled Sussex artist Alison Lapper

Parys Lapper with Alison Lapper. Photo by Si Clift
Parys Lapper with Alison Lapper. Photo by Si Clift

Tributes have been paid to the teenage son of disabled Sussex artist Alison Lapper.

Parys Lapper, who was described as ‘a mischievous, generous, kind, loving, frustrating, cheeky, forgiving, beautiful boy’, has died suddenly, aged 19.

Born in 2000, Parys featured in the BBC series Child of Our Time, which tracked millennial babies from their birth to adulthood.

His mother Alison, from Shoreham, West Sussex – who was born with shortened legs and no arms – posed nude while pregnant with Parys for a statue which became famous when it was displayed on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square in 2005.

Si Clift, Alison’s fiance, described Parys as ‘his own man’ and ‘a good son’.

He said in an online post: “Ali fought many battles against the establishment to keep Parys, bringing him up by herself in some very difficult circumstances indeed and continued to fight for him through his teenage years.”

People have been donating funds to the Mental Health Foundation in Parys’ memory.

His funeral is due to take place in Worthing on Thursday.

Alison has said it was her ‘dear wish’ for as many ‘noisy motorbikes’ as possible to escort Parys on his final journey from her home in Shoreham to Worthing Crematorium.

The procession will leave Shoreham Beach at 12.30pm to arrive for the service at 1.40pm.

Si said he and Alison had been ‘blown away’ by people’s kind responses to the motorbike ride request, adding: “He will love it wherever he is watching from.”

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