Volunteers to make way for museum


A speaker at Crawley Question Time criticised plans to build a museum on his homeless charity’s town centre site.

The member of the audience asked the event’s panel at The Hawth what the borough council will do to continue the services.

Cllr Peter Lamb (Lab Northgate), leader of the borough council, said the group knew it would need to leave the site in the Tree house area in the High Street before it took the short term lease for it. He said the council would have to repay funds, mostly from Heritage Lottery, with interest if it backed out of the project. He would speak to council officers about the services.

Charlie Arratoon, director at Open House said the homeless shelter in Three Bridges was “very fortunate” to work closely with the council.

An audience member said the museum would only benefit the privileged.

Dr Amit Bhargava, chief clinical officer for Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “The point the young lady is bringing up is really important.

“There’s a science about creating a town which creates well being. We need to maximise on the opportunity but we also have to look after the people who are vulnerable and who are isolated and lonely.”