Warning over lane closures as road sign improvements planned

An overgrown roadsign on the A24
An overgrown roadsign on the A24

As improvement works to the road signs along the A24 and A264 are planned, West Sussex County Council has warned of lane closures.

This follows drivers branding road signs in the district an 'absolute disgrace'.

The council told how they are planning works to improve signage, while replacing any that are damaged or faded.

Vegetation will also be cut back if it is obscuring signs.

A council spokesman said: “We are in the process of instigating a programme of works to improve the signage along the A24 and A264, repairing any damaged and faded signs, as well as cutting vegetation back if it is overgrown and obscuring signs.

“For the safety of the public and the workforce, this type of work has to have a lane closure, so we will ‘group’ such tasks together and tackle them at the same time in each stretch of road to avoid undue disruption to traffic.

“The obscuring of this particular directional sign is not critical in safety terms, so will be dealt with, along with the other improvements, this winter when there is also no danger of disturbing nesting birds.”