Woody the kitten back home after defying the odds to survive horrific attack


Woody the kitten who was mutilated in an horrific attack has returned home to his loving family in Sussex after more than a week of undergoing emergency treatment to save his life.

Seventeen week old Woody was attacked by a human on the evening of Sunday July 28 in the small village of Sedlescombe, near Battle, in East Sussex.

He had his tail cut off, one paw almost hacked off and his stomach was cut open leaving a deep gaping wound.

People rallied around to support owner Stephanie Wood and her young family, raising more than £4,000 for Woody’s care in a matter of days through an online funding page.

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Despite his terrible injuries, Woody showed real fighting spirit to survive the ordeal, leading to him being nicknamed Woody the Warrior.

He was able to walk shortly after hours of intensive life-saving surgery, but last Friday he was running a temperature and vets feared his wounds had become infected.

Luckily, he responded well to further treatment and re-cleaning of the wounds and to the family’s delight was allowed to return home to them on Monday.

An overwhelmed Stephanie said: “Ricardo, Woody’s vet, rang to say that everyone has been really impressed with Woody’s progress and that he is actually well enough to come home. I am simply amazed. Beyond amazed- Woody truly is the Warrior I’ve been saying he is!

He has to have a special mesh cage at home, where he has to stay for at least a week, he’s not allowed to move around much, or have more than 5-10 minutes out the cage a few times a day for cuddles

“He has a few special creams for his wounds, Manuka honey, his pain relief and antibiotics still but I can give them to him here.

“He has open wounds on his paw and at the base of his tail still which we need to keep an eye on, but his stomach seems to be healing incredibly well. He will possibly have his stitches out next Monday.

“He’s not very happy to be in his cage, and keeps arguing with me about it, meowing at me and even knocking his food bowl over But I am just so so happy to have him home, and healthy..

Eight days ago I thought I was going to lose our fur baby, he wasn’t expected to make it through the night. Then there was a massive risk that he wouldn’t survive surgery, and if he did chances are he would he disabled.

“Yet he survived, and 27 hours later when I saw him he was walking. He then fought off infection, and had to heal and recover from both the physical and mental impacts of his abuse; But he did it.

“Woody still shows a huge amount of love and compassion towards humans, and I am amazed by this, but Sussex Coast Vets have shown him such love and kindness which I’m sure has helped.

“He still has a lot of recovering to do, and will be seen on Wednesday by Ricardo and the amazing Sussex Coast Vet team for a follow up and again on Monday next week unless anything changes.

“A massive thank you to each and everyone who supported Woody and sent positive messages. Without you, your shares, your prayers, your donations, your support and your love, none of this would have been possible and we would of lost our fur baby. You saved our kitten. I have been overwhelmed and left in awe by everyone’s kindness and generosity, it honestly restored my faith in humanity, and after what someone has done to Woody (and many other animals) I didn’t think that was possible.

Thank you all so so much, my family is completed again, and this afternoon I have two smiling and happy little boys because their fur brother is home, and that is simply priceless.

“Remember to follow Woody, his story and progress on twitter too: @Woodythewarrior


Stephanie says police were involved but closed the case at the weekend, meaning the sadist who carried out the attack is still at large.

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