Young Reenie gets haircut to help Ebonie from Crawley’s fundraising

Fundraising for Ebonie
Fundraising for Ebonie

A seven-year-old has joined in the fundraising for Ebonie Musselwhite, a young girl with a rare type of leukaemia.

Christina Ward said her daughter Reenie, who is Ebonie’s best friend, got her long hair cut short to raise money for Ebonie, and so that she could donate the locks to The Little Princess Trust.

The Trust makes wigs for children who have lost them due to illness or cancer treatment.

“Reenie and Ebonie have been friends since play school,” said Christina, “and they miss each other a lot when they have to go long periods of time without seeing each other.

“When Reenie decided she wanted her hair cut short for starting junior school, it just made sense that we use the opportunity and do a sponsored haircut to try and raise more funds for Ebonie and also to donate the hair to The Little Princess Trust.”

The haricut was carried out at Jimmy Chop Chop on August 23. As James had already hosted a charity day for Ebonie, Christina said it made sense to involve him.

You can donate to the fund via: