Petition launched after pub rumours

jpco 28-1-15 Danny Dangerous outside the Railway Pub (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-150126-152837001
jpco 28-1-15 Danny Dangerous outside the Railway Pub (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-150126-152837001

Music lovers made their voices heard after a rumour was circulated claiming there would be no more live gigs at one of the town’s oldest pubs.

More than 200 people signed a petition after being told the Railway Pub, in Brighton Road, would be sacrificing its floor space to open a restaurant – a claim vehemently denied by pub owners, Stonegate.

Danny Martin, who organises gigs and sings under the name Danny Dangerously, was one of the first to take up the call for live music to be kept at the venue, which has given many Crawley bands an audience over the years.

After organising the petition, he said: “It’s good that new bands coming up can have the opportunity to go in there and play.

“There’s not many places round here where you can do that.”

The most famous group to have paid their dues playing at the Railway were 80s legends The Cure; while more recent musicians included Mike Dobie, Severance, Trevor’s Head, Vulgarity and Sweet Jonny.

Explaining why places like the Railway were so important to musicians – not just in Crawley but all over the county – Danny, of Northgate, said: “People think the music industry is all about the X Factor but it’s not like that.

“There have been some pretty cool bands coming through in the past few years and they have to have gigs to get anywhere.”

With Stonegate quashing rumours live music had had its day at the Railway, Danny said the fact so many people signed the petition and showed their support on social media was proof the music scene was alive and kicking in Crawley.

While the need for such venues was certainly supported, there was a nostalgic vein to some of the responses on social media.

Danny said: “We put the page up on Facebook and people have been posting pictures of their gigs from the past.”

Regarding claims the Railway would be closing for a revamp, a spokesman for Stonegate, said: “These rumours are not true.

“The pub is not closing or refurbishing and continues to trade as normal offering great value, quality pub food, drink and entertainment, which includes its regular live music events.”