PICTURES: Selsey lifeboat launches to rescue five stranded at sea

Photo by by Kristina

RNLI volunteers responded to an emergency call at Selsey yesterday afternoon (Friday, October 27).

The crew at Selsey were called after the Coastguard had received an emergency call via mobile phone from the owner of an 18ft power boat, The Halo, reporting his engine had failed.

Photo by Kristina RNLI

The Halo reported they were west of Selsey Bill but could not give any better position and they had two adults and three children aboard, all wearing life jackets.

The Selsey Shannon class lifeboat Denise and Eric launched at 4.06pm and made best speed to the area, said a spokesperson for the RNLI.

The spokesperson said, “Approximately one mile west of Selsey the lifeboat crew sighted what appeared to be a flare so headed towards that position.

“The lifeboat arrived on scene with the Halo at 4.14pm at a position three miles west of Selsey Bill.

Photo by Kristina

“The skipper then confirmed he had let off the flare and that they were all well on board.

“Before establishing a tow with the Halo all the persons aboard the vessel were taken on to the lifeboat.”

One of the lifeboat crew went aboard the Halo to rig the tow line and stayed with the vessel during the passage to Chichester harbour. The vessel was towed to Sparkes Marina and safely berthed alongside at 5.10pm.

At 6.05pm the lifeboat arrived back at station and was rehoused straight away. The crew included Coxswain Rob Archibald, Mechanic Phil Pitham, Geoff Mellett, Gary Pearce, Sam Troughton-Smith and Kristina Dolan.

Photo by by Kristina RNLI

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