Player character plays a key part in Drummy’s criteria

Crawley Town FC Manager Dermot Drummy and his assistant Matt Gray. 07-05-16. Pic Steve Robards  SR1613200 SUS-160705-170557001
Crawley Town FC Manager Dermot Drummy and his assistant Matt Gray. 07-05-16. Pic Steve Robards SR1613200 SUS-160705-170557001

Dermot Drummy believes the character of a player plays a key part in whether they will be a successful signing.

The Crawley Town head coach is keen to make sure he has got someone that will bring off-the-field traits as well as on-field quality to his new look team.

Reds will have made four summer signings by the end of the week and know that eight of last season’s squad will not be returning.

Drummy is using assistant manager Matt Gray and close friend John Yems’ ‘vast experience’ on players to make sure he is bringing in the right faces at the Checkatrade Stadium. He said: “There are lots of players out there but it’s a process of sieving through them. It’s where Matt (Gray) has vast experience, I ask him about a lot of character of these players.

“Sometimes you know the ability of a player, but want to know the character and Matt or John Yems can make a phone call. It’s trying to be as selective as I can to try and get the right players.

“There is so much to do, yes we need to get players in, but I am very big on the infrastructure of the club.

“It’s a lot of work getting the training ground sorted and things like that, but you just want the season to start.

“I know full well that we have got to put in the right environment and infrastructure, because for me, that will stand us in good stead throughout the season.

“I am trying to get it all done so they come into a professional environment so we are really honing in on talking to the president, to how can we upgrade and improve as well as working tirelessly to look at trialists and players and see where they are at.”

The former Arsenal and Chelsea coach also says that any incoming talent from overseas will have to be at higher-level than any potential trialists from England.

Dutchman Enzio Boldewijn was their first addition last week and Drummy has not ruled out more from overseas - if they are the right fit.

He added: “Enzio has come through and there are a couple on the horizon, but they are not here until they are here, but they have to be to our standard. You are not going to take a semi-pro player from abroad.

“We are looking at the right criteria that do they want to come to England to promote and showcase themselves at Crawley, hopefully the criteria from abroad will be a bit higher.

“There are two ways of looking at it, if I can get a good player on our budget, when I am trying to improve the facilities of the club then we have to balance up everything.

“If you have a player in negotiations that think they can get more in England because they are a good player, then they are going to move on. I want a balance of predominantly English with foreign influx if that is economically feasible.

“It’s a model we are looking at, but if I can get good players for good money then that’s the priority.”