‘Any Crawley development must have green spaces for everybody to enjoy’ - Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner

Any new development in Crawley must have green spaces for everybody to enjoy.

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 10:54 am

This is the message from Labour Party deputy leader Angela Rayner who visited the town yesterday, April 27.

Speaking to this newspaper, the Shadow First Secretary of State said green spaces are important for people to maintain wellbeing when quizzed on housebuilding on greenfield sites.

She added: “One of the things that Labour is really clear on is brownfield is more important to develop.

Labour Party deputy leader Angela Rayner with Crawley Borough councillor Peter Smith

“Any development that is done in Crawley has to have green spaces that are usable for everybody.”

The MP for Ashton-under-Lyne also called for better council house provision in place of ‘affordable’ housing.

She said: “We need to get back to council housing.

“When I was a mum it was there for me when I needed it.

“I know the Labour group here feel very strongly about that.

“We have to get back to creating council housing.”

Ms Rayner criticised ‘affordable’ housing as being a misleading term, saying those on minimum wage would struggle to purchase such properties.

The deputy Labour leader also paid tribute to healthcare and NHS workers in Crawley.

She said: “I would say a huge thank you to all of the key workers across Crawley.

“They stepped up and looked after us all and they put themselves in harm’s way.

“A shop worker never thought that they would be in the circumstances putting their lives on the line to do the job that they did and they’ve done it.

“Many of these people are the lowest paid as well.”

In a message to people in the town she added: “Thank you and hang on in there – vote labour.

“We can build like we did Crawley back in the day we can build a better future for our kids and look after our elderly like they deserve.”