Brexit Party candidate for Crawley denies posting expletive-laden tweet

A one-time Brexit Party candidate has denied posting an expletive-laden attack on Nigel Farage and the Prime Minister on Twitter.

On Monday (November 11), Mr Farage announced his party would not stand candidates in the 317 seats won by the Conservatives at the 2017 general election.

An account in the name of Wayne Bayley – who was named as the Brexit Party candidate for Tory-held Crawley – shared a Tweet from Mr Farage and launched a four-letter tirade against him and Boris Johnson.

Mr Bayley said the post was ‘not legitimate’, stating: “I did not post it.”

Messages on a second Twitter account in Mr Bayley’s name, which was created at the same time and included the same profile picture, repeatedly claimed that the first account was not his.

But the first account, which gained 300 followers overnight, declared the second – which has fewer than 50 followers – to be ‘fake news’, adding: “I am the real Wayne Bayley.”

Being Twitter, this of course prompted a string of Spartacus and Life of Brian responses.

Whatever the case, on Tuesday, after initially insisting he was still the Brexit Party candidate for Crawley, Mr Bayley confirmed that he had been ‘stood down’.