Crawley Conservatives: Our town is successful but its potential not yet fully realised

Duncan Crow, leader of the Conservative group at Crawley Borough Council
Duncan Crow, leader of the Conservative group at Crawley Borough Council

By Duncan Crow leader of the Conservative group at Crawley Borough Council

Crawley is a successful town with good opportunities, but it is also has potential that is not yet fully realised. Like any town, as well as having many things going for us, we also have issues and problems that we want to address.

This one-off whole Council election will decide the direction of our local Council for the next few years. We Conservatives have a very positive agenda that builds on Crawley’s successes and seeks to make improvements where needed.

We believe very much in putting Crawley first. With us, the interests of our town and its neighbourhoods will always come before everything else. I increasingly observe Crawley Borough Council being politicised and used by the

Labour Party as a vehicle to promote their Parliamentary candidate who is the Leader of the Council.

The downside of this is that their focus on ‘the day job’ is lost and major mistakes are made in running the Council.

With a Conservative-run Council under my leadership, our sole focus will always be Crawley.

Our manifesto for Crawley is based on our positive vision for the town and has been shaped by engagement with many residents from every neighbourhood.

We have four main themes of Safer and Stronger Communities, Protecting Crawley’s Strong Economy, A Cleaner and Greener Crawley, and Investing In What Matters to Crawley. Every household should be receiving a copy our manifesto and it is also published on our local Crawley Conservatives website.

When Crawley previously had a Conservative-run Council from 2006 - 2014, we transformed the Council and brought it into the 21st Century. Services were improved, neighbourhood investment increased and we left the Council in a very sound financial position.

Our local neighbourhood roles as Councillors are very important to us. We have a strong track record of working hard to address local issues and improve the areas we represent. It is also vital that Crawley has an opposition at the town hall to give people an alternative voice to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

Only by electing Conservative Councillors can we ensure a more balanced and moderate Crawley Borough Council.

This piece is part of a series where all the major parties were invited to share their priorities for the town in the lead up to the Crawley Borough Council elections.

Polling day is Thursday May 2.