Crawley Greens: We will prioritise homelessness, protect green spaces and promote sustainability

Richard Kail from the Crawley Green Party
Richard Kail from the Crawley Green Party

By Richard Kail, spokesman for the Crawley Green Party

Across the country, elected Greens are holding council colleagues to account, raising and campaigning on issues that matter to local people and standing with communities to ensure their voices are heard.

People are looking for a credible alternative to the status quo. The Conservatives are responsible for rises in homelessness, food bank usage, irresponsible and dangerous cuts to vital services. That’s without touching on this mess we call Brexit. Labour are failing to effectively oppose and are extremely divided down the middle of their own core. Any party in that position really isn’t fit for purpose.

Locally, Crawley currently has no representation in the council from anyone but red or blue. Are you happy with how they’ve dealt with our homeless, our infrastructure, our parks, our green spaces? If you answered no to this question, then we represent you. Vote Green on 2nd May and you’ll get councillors that will prioritise tackling homelessness, protect our green spaces and look for sustainable enhancements to all new building work amongst other things. If you want change, it can start locally.

A Green vote improves the chances of us breaking down the two party status quo we currently suffer in Crawley. From talking on doorsteps, it is clear that people hold our current leaders and authorities in no regard at the moment. As Greens we strive for cleaner air, greener energy, responsible development, including re-purposing empty buildings to bring them back into use, in turn creating more social housing options and more opportunities for sustainable local businesses.

Local Green councillors will stand up against local oil and gas exploration and any plans they may put forward regarding Fracking. We know that at sights not far away in South Surrey and Mole Valley, companies are testing the equipment involved. We will not tolerate this in areas around Crawley and will do all in our power to stop it.

178 Local councillors across England and Wales push to make real positive, responsible change to their areas daily. Vote Green in Crawley on 2nd May, and elect new, responsible, Green voices to your local council.

This piece is part of a series where all the major parties were invited to share their priorities for the town in the lead up to the Crawley Borough Council elections.

Polling day is Thursday May 2.