Crawley MP reacts to Government plans to prorogue Parliament

Henry Smith, MP for Crawley
Henry Smith, MP for Crawley

Crawley’s Conservative MP has reacted to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans to prorogue Parliament.

Parliament is due to be suspended from early September to mid-October, with a Queen’s Speech set to follow.

However the country is currently set to leave the EU on October 31 and fears have been raised about the possibility of a no-deal Brexit.

The Government could attempt to force a general election if it suffers a defeat at the hands of MPs opposed to a no-deal Brexit.

Crawley MP Henry Smith said: “In order for the new Government to set out its legislative agenda, a Queen’s Speech needs to take place. For this to happen, Parliament must be prorogued which enables a new session to commence.

“The current parliamentary session has lasted more than 340 days and is the longest in almost four centuries. A Queen’s Speech usually takes place once a year, however one has not been made since 2017.

“The new Prime Minister has made a number of announcements since taking office and I want to see further detail about – and vote in the House of Commons on – Government’s plans to further support the NHS, tackle violent crime, invest in infrastructure and science, and cut the cost of living.

“It is right that the elected Commons continues to debate Brexit, that is happening this week and will continue following the Queen’s Speech on 14th October. Since the EU referendum there has been over 900 hours of parliamentary debate on this issue.

“Our country’s EU withdrawal is more than Brexit on 31st October; it represents trust in our democracy – ahead of the referendum Government pledged the result would be respected and it must now be honoured.”

But Peter Lamb, Labour leader of Crawley Borough Council and his party’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Crawley, struck a very different tone.

He said on Twitter: “Boris Johnson and the Tories are trying to shut down Parliament, stopping discussion and avoiding scrutiny of a disastrous no deal Brexit. This is an outrageous threat to our democracy.”