Crawley potholes ‘could kill cyclists’

Crawley leader Peter Lamb
Crawley leader Peter Lamb

Potholes that could lead to the death of cyclists should be repaired by the county council, the leader of Crawley Borough Council has warned.

Peter Lamb, who is also a West Sussex county councillor, explained that there were road defects on his journey home that could kill a cyclist by throwing them into the path of a car.

At a recent Performance and Finance Select Committee meeting, Cllr Lamb suggested the county council should look at intervention levels, as the authority’s contractors currently do not repair potholes shallower than 40mm deep.

Afterwards he said: “There are a few areas where the intervention levels aren’t really up to scratch, but it’s the pothole on the western-end of Gales Drive heading into town which is dangerous.

“While it’s too small to impact upon a car tyre, it is large enough for a bike tyre to get caught in it and could result in a cyclist being dismounted on to Northgate Avenue.”

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