Improved street lights for ‘dark alleyway’

Crawley East Park/Matlhouse Road Crawley residents angry about poor lighting on footpath - pictured here with Michael Jones, Labour county councillor earlier this year

A ‘dark alleyway’ in Southgate used to cross the railway line is set to see improved street lighting installed by the county council.

In order to access the footbridge west of Crawley Railway Station, residents have to use a footpath off East Park.

Earlier this year residents and Labour county councillor Michael Jones raised ‘deep concern about the existing state of lighting’.

Offices have now written to Mr Jones advising him that works to improve the street lighting are due to start next Wednesday (November 8) and will be completed within two weeks.

Reacting to the news Mr Jones said: “It has taken the county council quite some time to make this a reality since our initial requests, but I am so pleased for the residents who have campaigned successfully for the council to act.

“There had been real fears about how dark this alleyway got at night, and hopefully now local residents and indeed all pedestrians walking home over the bridge through this part of Southgate, will feel safer and more secure as they walk home.”

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