Labour selects general election candidate

Peter Lamb, celebrates with Crawley Labour members after being picked as their prospective parliamentary candidate (photo submitted).

Labour members have chosen Crawley Borough Council’s leader as their candidate to stand at the next general election.

Peter Lamb, who has led CBC since his party took control from the Tories in 2014, is looking to unseat Conservative MP for the town Henry Smith.

The next general election could be held as late as 2022 if another snap election is not called.

Mr Lamb was born in Crawley and went to school at Holy Trinity.

Speaking after the selection, he said: “Being selected to represent Labour in the town in which I was born is an honour, and I will work to repay the faith of local members by campaigning hard for a better future for everyone in our town, not just the privileged few.

“Leading Crawley Borough Council, I see every day the pain this Tory Government is causing local people and their failure to address the big questions facing our country.

“I’m proud to have led a council in Crawley which has proven that there the Conservatives’ austerity is a choice and that where there is a will to provide the services our community deserves, there is a way.

“As Labour’s candidate, I will continue to work tirelessly to stand up for the people of Crawley, a people who have been let down by this Government.”

Labour’s Laura Moffatt was Crawley’s MP from 1997-2010.

Since then Mr Smith has represented the town in Parliament.

Although he increased his share of the overall vote at last June’s general election, Labour candidate Tim Lunnon closed the gap to 2,457 votes.

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