Sussex Decides: Nicholas Soames wins fifth term as Mid Sussex MP

Sussex Decides 2015 General Election SUS-150226-125523001
Sussex Decides 2015 General Election SUS-150226-125523001

Conservative candidate Sir Nicholas Soames won a fifth successive term as MP for Mid Sussex in the General Election this morning (May 8).

Sir Nicholas has been the incumbent MP since 1997, and will serve five more years after an expected victory for Conservative.

His 32,268 votes topped Labour’s Greg Mountain, 7982, UKIP Toby Brothers, 6898, Liberal Democrat Daisy Cooper 6604, Green 2453, Independent Beki Adam 958, and Monster Raving Loony Baron Von Thunderclap 329.

This is the eighth time Sir Nicholas has stood as a conservative candidate in the General Election, having served as MP for Crawley from 1983-1997.

When he sees out this term, he will have served Sussex as an MP for 37 years.

In his campaign Sir Nicholas told the Middy he has campaigned for the NHS, an EU referendum and a reliable rail service.

He is against over-development, excessive traffic and a second Gatwick runway.

He will strive for jobs, stability, and excellent public services for Mid Sussex.