Postman’s moustache of many colours vow

Postman growing moustache for Movember
Postman growing moustache for Movember

A postman has vowed to dye his moustache in rainbow colours if he can hit his charity target by the end of the month.

After suffering abuse from colleagues about the magnitude of the new tache he has grown for Movember, Geoff Ingram, from Ifield, has decided to take the facial accessory a step further in order to raise money from his ordeal.

The 43-year-old has promised he will dye the titan tache, work with it for two days and go on a night out in Brighton wearing fancy dress if he raises £300 for Prostate Cancer by November 29.

“I’ve had every name under the sun, Nick Flanders, Super Mario, the Dolmio man.

“A few of us at the office decided to grow them but mine’s gotten the most laughs because, well, look at it!

“I’ve had some good comment too, like that I look like Tom Selleck.”

This is the first time the father-of-two has grown a moustache so the vast size has been a complete shock.

He explained: “I honestly have never had the urge to grow a moustache before and now I know I was right not to do so.

“My children said they didn’t mind it, once they’d picked themselves off the floor.”

Fellow post worker Kerry Campbell, 34, initiated the dramatic dye idea.

She said:“I’ve absolutely loved taking the mick and I’ve been posting photos of different men with moustaches on Facebook every day.

“Next month’s going to be so boring when I can’t laugh at him all the time.”

Kerry, from Langley Green, has arranged for her hairdresser, Kelly, from Revive, in West Green, to create the look for free.

“She’s going to dye it on the Thursday so he has to work with it for two days then we’ll all go out with him on Saturday night and he has to wear fancy dress as well, I haven’t decided who yet, perhaps someone from Village People.

“The dye process will take about an hour and a half as she’ll have to bleach it all first then put each colour in, but it’ll be worth it.”

The Royal Mail workers found it difficult to get donations in the first two weeks of Movember but after making this idea the target prize, the duo raised £180 in one afternoon.

Kerry explained: “We’ve just been going around with the bucket and petitions and explaining what we’re doing.

“I’m doing whatever I can to raise the money now because I want to see him with a rainbow moustache!”

Geoff added: “I didn’t realise I would get so harassed by taking part in this, she’s been a nightmare.

“But I’m up for a laugh and at least this way we will be raising money for charity out of my misery.”

To help raise £300 for Prostate Cancer and ensure Geoff ends up with a multicoloured upper lip, either visit the Royal Mail office, the Boulevard, Crawley, or visit the sponsor page at