Pubs and clubs show support for Water Angel campaign


The benefits of the Water Angel campaign was presented to 29 of Crawley’s pubs, clubs and bars at a Pubwatch meeting.

The campaign, which was launched by West Sussex County Council at the Moka nightclub in October, encourages revellers to drink water as part of their night out, in an attempt to reduce antisocial behaviour and hangovers.

Crawley Borough Council has thrown its support behind the campaign with a spokesman stating the council wanted to see the town’s residents and visitors have a good time this Christmas while not letting a bit too much of the Christmas spirit ruin their nights.

Davinia Springer, Programme Manager for Healthy Lifestyles at West Sussex County Council said: “We’re not trying to preach to people about the negative effects of alcohol and we’re certainly not telling people to stop having a good time – our message is simply to encourage people to drink more water on a night out to keep them rehydrated, in control and safe so they can keep a good night good.

“Research has shown us that drinking even just a few glasses of water over the course of an evening out will not only make sure you last longer and have a better time but will also ease the dreaded hangover in the morning! Remember, tap water is free so just ask at the bar.”

The message to the town’s licensed premises was simple too – if customers are encouraged to drink responsibly by taking in water, they’re more likely to stay out longer and cause less trouble.

A borough council spokesman said local establishments at the Pubwatch meeting were interested in the message with a number asking for posters and promotional material to get the message out to their customers this Christmas.

Speaking at the meeting Moka’s Deputy Manager, Kieran Laville, said: “We had a reduction in ejections from the club the night Water Angels came to launch their campaign. It really does have benefits.”

Cllr Michael Jones, chair of the borough council’s licensing committee, said: “This is a fantastic campaign and we’re fully behind it. We want people to enjoy themselves in the town all year round, not just at Christmas, but we certainly want to see them do it safely and responsibly.

“I love Water Angel’s main message, which is ‘keep a good night good’ that’s exactly what we want in Crawley – lots of people having a great time while still able to take good care of themselves.”

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