Pylon test run lights up Three Bridges

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The Three Bridges night landscape was brightened up on Wednesday (March 21) as the first stage of an ambitious local project came to fruition.

An electricity pylon was illuminated in Haslett Avenue East, near Three Bridges Station, to commemorate Three Bridges resident Dame Caroline Haslett - a prominent suffragette and first secretary of the Women’s Engineering Society.

Three Bridges Forum organised the successful two-hour lighting test which took place between 6pm and 8pm, and the group also hopes to set up a ‘pocket-park’ and to revitalise the area, making the most of it’s important heritage to the town.

John Cooban of Three Bridges Forum told the Crawley Observer: “I think that it proved that lighting the pylon is a valuable part of the scheme.

“Everybody who came to see it seemed to be smiling and there was quite a buzz of conversation.”

Forum member Emma Sharp said: “Caroline Haslett lived in Three Bridges and has a blue memorial plaque dedicated to her at the junction on Haslett Avenue.

“The pylon is opposite the plaque and the aim was to see if it could be lit up to make a more obvious memorial.

“It was impressive just how good it looked once it got dark. One resident said: “It looks like our own Eiffel Tower!”

The Forum hopes Crawley Borough Council will support the project and would like it to be worked in with the council’s latest scheme to improve Three Bridges Station - see page 15.

John Cooban said: “The lighting of the pylon is just one part of the Caroline Haslett Memorial project, which also includes a heritage and community art element that we hope will include work by a local sculptor.

“We would like to make the best of the site with a pocket park or a pylon garden.”

He said the next step is to set up a consultation exercise with the public to establish that the Forum’s plans are supported by local people.