Race at K2 Crawley to help Ugandan children’s charity

The charity Crawley Advance International Ministries (AIM) is looking for helpers in the run-up to its annual track race event at K2 Crawley.

On Saturday April 2 the charity will run the six and 12 hour track race to raise money for its Ugandan community project.

Since Pound Hill based AIM started working as a charity on a project in Uganda in 2000, it has built a facilities including a thriving medical centre, school and orphanage,

As well as serving as a maternity hospital, pharmacy, dental clinic, the centre also holds training for skills such as computer literacy, aids counselling and secretarial training.

The orphanage also provides accommodation for 17 teachers who work in the nursery school, the primary boarding school, and the secondary boarding school, which have a total of 426 students in attendance.

The race is now in its 11th year and the charity will be raising money buy more furniture and beds for the buildings.

Another pressing need is for security at the school site so a wall is being built to keep wild animals out. This is two-thirds of the way to completion and will be finished when as more funds arrive.

To get involved in the charity’s work call race organiser Pam Storey on 01342 717222 or email pamstorey@tiscali.co.uk