Red parrot Romeo escapes from nature centre and flies to Crawley town centre


A red lory parrot called Romeo entertained a crowd of shoppers after it escaped from the Tilgate Nature Park and was found in a town centre store.

Romeo’s owners picked up the “lovely” bird from the RSPCA centre in Patcham on Thursday (August 21) after Taj the Grocer staff called the charity to their shop that morning.

Naveen Kumar, 35, of Oak Road, Southgate, who called the RSPCA, said: “We had crowds around taking pictures and filming - between 20 and 30 people.

“Everybody was enjoying it, especially the kids.

“He was flying in the shop, eating watermelon and grapes, a really lovely bird.”

Romeo spent more than two hours in the store in Haslett Avenue before Inspector Andrew Kirby caught him at around 11am.

Andrew said: “He seemed to take a shine to all the fruit at the shop, but I think he must have been quite tired.

“Although he was only a few miles from where he escaped, that is quite a way for a bird not used to flying such distances.

“Thankfully he was easy to catch and I’m just pleased that his owners have come forward and been reunited with him.”