Secrets of a young magician ...

Young magician Andrew Davis
Young magician Andrew Davis

Teenager Andrew Davis knows a secret or two - and he won’t reveal them to anyone.

For 14-year-old Andrew is an accomplished magician who is amazing crowds with an array of special tricks.

He is a member of the Young Magicians Club - a branch of the Magic Circle, the world’s leading magical society - where vows are taken never to share the secrets of the magician’s trade.

“My nan is always trying to get me to tell her how it’s done,” said Andrew, of Rosedale Close, Gossops Green, Crawley.

In fact, he says, nan Marion Davis is his biggest critic - and fan.

Andrew’s mum Fiona said: “His nan is one of his harshest critics so he likes to perform in front of her because she likes to know how the tricks are done.

“Andrew knows if he can fool her, he can fool anyone.”

And Andrew has been fooling growing crowds over the past two years, specialising in close-up tricks with cards, coins and string.

His sleight-of-hand talents began when he started performing card tricks in the school library.

“I started with basic card tricks, the classic old ones,” said Andrew, “then I got more advanced with more flourishes.”

He practises for hours every week, perfecting his art and regularly travels to the Magic Circle’s headquarters in London.

“It’s a really nice atmosphere there with all the magic,” he added.

Andrew, a pupil at Holy Trinity School, confesses to working on a couple of new tricks at the moment - but he’s keeping what they are well and truly up his sleeve. “They’re secret.”

As well as impressing his nan, mum Fiona, dad Mark and brother Christopher are also proud of Andrew’s talents.

Dad Mark said: “He is already out on the circuit performing gigs around the south as part of the Mark Cetera Shows and is shortly going to embark on his own solo gigs.

“His Close up Magic seems to go down very well wherever he goes and he is certainly building up a reputation and becoming a lot well known in the area.”